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Life in the World of an        Ironwood Bully

Life in the world of an Ironwood Bully is all about the adventures we share with our dogs and family. 




My daughter Sara called me one day laughing and carrying on, when I asked what happened, much to my surprise she says " I just got pulled over" NOT what a mother wants to hear. I said for what, were you speeding(She can have a bit of a lead foot) She says NO because of Lil Bear! They were off to work as usual when she stopped at a red light  next to a police officer when he looked over Lil Bear was proudly manning his station in the passenger seat. The light turned green and she left only to see the officer turn his lights on and pull up behind her. She pulled over and asked the officer why she was getting pulled over. He asked her to get out of the car, and tells her bring that dog with her. The officer asked first if the dog was friendly and my daughter told him well not when his mother gets pulled over. The officer asked "well I was pulling you over because I want to know what kind of dog that is" Much to my relief my Sara didnt get a ticket and now Lil Bear has added to his fan club. They make frequent visits to the station for coffee and donuts. 

More to Follow, Stay tuned....

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